Posted by: T. Boyd | December 7, 2017

Diary of a Cochlear Implant

December 13, 2017

Notes: the frequent, insistent, in the background, brain- generated sounds are fascinating.  There is, as I have mentioned, the high pitch tinnitus which is just like the one on my left ear.

Then there the 2-tone sequence which I have simulated in this clip – before the operation it would occur every few months for a few hours, almost always with the same 2 tones.  And it would “play” for about 4 seconds at a time, with about a 10-30 second break between the “songs”.  But for this past week, when they are present, the “song” is much shorter and repeated without a break between.  In addition, within a day or 2 of being back home, other tones were added, especially in the lower range.

Today (Dec. 13) I hear almost like a brass band in the far distance playing random staccato notes – like a tuba followed by a baritone home toot. The pitches are like a low  F below the bass staff followed by a short note about a seventh interval (E) above – actually they are like the tones you make by blowing on a gallon jug.

I think it’s like my audio nerve + brain section that interprets sound, is anxious to get going with this new possibility.

At this time, I still have no hearing at all that I can tell in the right ear.  I thought at one point a couple days ago, by playing my oscillating (feed back) hearing aid in my right ear, that I could sense a sound there, but it may have been just leakage to the other ear.

On Monday, Dec.11, I felt a lot better and drove myself to the post-op appointment.  The Dr. said my incision looked good with no problems.  I had no dizziness that day to speak of, just a little weak, and was tired when I got home.

But Tuesday, Dec. 12, I got really dizzy and mildly nauseated – I realized it would only stop if I kept my head perfectly still – it was any sudden motion that would set it off.

Today, Wednesday, Dec. 13, the dizziness was gone, but I still felt light headed somewhat and wanted to just rest.  But I still took my wife to 2 doctor appointments that she had and had no trouble driving to those destinations and back.  And I also did my regular video editing for our church site on Youtube.

By the way, the right ear is still swollen, and is sticking out a little bit, but it is gradually going back to normal.  Feeling my scalp, I can’t tell where the imbedded attach point is.  I moved a boy scout compass around the area and I can see the needle swing toward something about even with the top of my ear, and about an inch (2-3 cm) behind the ear.  It seems to be about where the incision ends.

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