Posted by: T. Boyd | December 7, 2017

Diary of a Cochlear Implant

March 9, 2018

There is not much new to report during this first part of the long learning season.  I definitely can hear better using the CI plus my hearing aid in the other ear, even in noisy environments.  By hearing better, I mainly mean being able to understand people speaking on a one-on-one basis.  I still have difficulty understanding when there any echoes as there usually are with PA systems, for example, at church.

As long as I can plug into the sound system and use noise-canceling earphones or my T-Coil ear hooks [ click here for the kind I bought years ago ] then I do very well.  The remote control for my Med-El CI device has a T setting which turns off the mic and just amplifies the T coil signal, or I can use the TM setting and leave the mic turned on as well as the T coil.  And my ReSound HA has the same kind of choices via my iPhone.

In my church, which is an old hard-surfaced floor and walls and has terrible acoustics, I prefer to use the “T” setting which cuts out all the ambient noise, and I can hear very clearly, but I can’t hear anything around me, like my wife saying something to me.  So I have learned to leave the mic on my HA side a little bit.

If I turn off the HA now I can understand a little better what is being said with the CI, but it still sounds like being in a barrel. The gradual learning is slow, so the day to day improvement is not noticeable.  Next week’s appointment at the ENT clinic will show how my implant is doing, and I imagine the channels will all be turned up some more.  Also, I will start using the “Roger Pen” from Med El which is a remote mic that feeds directly to the CI.  That will give me another story to relate next time.


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