Posted by: T. Boyd | December 7, 2017

Diary of a Cochlear Implant


Home Hearing Test

I was curious about how well I was hearing different tones across the sound spectrum.  So I did a test this morning – probably nothing new, but maybe it will help. I tested both the CI and the Resound Enzo 3D, through the mics and through the T-coil.

Hearing test using
On right ear (the CI side)
• T Coil only:
Using the T-coil hearing “ear phone” set: (the Mac computer is at about 1/2 volume)
Range: from about 280 Hz to 7000 Hz with 5% setting on tone-generator volume – noticeable peak from about 400 – 1000 Hz.
At 100 % setting, starting from 60 Hz – nothing till about 100 Hz.
• Microphone only: – The Macbook Pro is source of sound
About the same, but extends upper frequency limit to about 9000 Hz at the 5% setting (100% on the Mac volume)

Left ear (Resound Enzo 3D HA):
• T Coil only:
Again, using T-coil only, the test is almost the same as with CI except the upper cutoff is around 3300 Hz.
• Microphone only:
About same as T coil, but the upper cutoff is a about 100 Hz more.

To make sure the lower frequencies were not cutting off because of the small speakers in the Macbook, I hooked up to my Bose music system, and the ranges were still about the same, although I could hear tones down to 100 Hz or so, and sense even lower tones.  But below 280 Hz or so, the tone volume in my ears was faint, and fainter as the frequency decreased, of course.

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