boyd1My name is T. Boyd Moore and I am living in Richmond, Virginia. I am retired, having taught for 24 years, mostly in small colleges, some in high school, and I worked 16 years in industry. My first love is Jesus the Messiah and, of course, His Father and the Holy Spirit. My second love, is my wonderful wife and helpmate, Leslie. And I enjoy theology/bible study, the sciences (especially physics and astronomy), reading good books, watching old movies, hiking, fishing, bird watching, ham radio, metal and wood working, and last, but not least, our 2 sons and their families including our 5 grandchildren.

We now live in Richmond, VA, and are very active in our church, East End Fellowship (EEF) in the Church Hill community. And the Moore families all live close by.

My current activities, are filming, editing, and posting the sermons and other recordings of EEF which are mostly found at Youtube – East End Fellowship.  My other hobby is making silver rings out of silver coins for friends (free) and maybe for a fee for others.

I hope this web site will encourage others to explore and enjoy the mysteries of the creation that our Creator has wrought. If you are a first time poster here, I will get an e-mail notice to approve it, so it may not appear right away. But I will hopefully respond quickly to that request (circumstances permitting).

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