Posted by: T. Boyd | August 15, 2010

He opens His hand

It is raining and cool for the middle of August.  They are crying and staring with expectant faces, hungrily waiting for her to return.  Their mother has left them alone, defenseless, with no covering.

It seems like hours; she has been gone four minutes.  Flying to a nearby limb, hopping to the brim of the nest, she peers down at open mouths on wobbly necks.

Motionless, she checks the surroundings, then starts to nourish each baby out of her innate maternal provisions.  She pokes her beak into eager mouths. After each is fed, she nudges the nestlings deeper into the cradle of straw. She fluffs her feathers, spreads her wings, and they nestle under her to get warm and dry.

Ten minutes pass before there is a stirring in the nest.  A head pokes up, again with open beak, then another appears.  The mother slowly moves upward, and from her resources feeds them a bit more.  They settle anew, this time a bare two minutes.

As the babies assert themselves again, she stirs herself. After carefully checking the environs, off she flies.  The Creator rejoices as the life-sustaining choreography continues.

The eyes of all wait upon Thee; and Thou givest them their meat in due season. Thou openest Thine hand, and satisfiest the desire of every living thing. (Psalm 145:15-16)

robin nest

Thanks to Tony Northrup for permission to use photo.

Click Link to hear wonderful rendition of The eyes of all wait upon thee by Jean Berger


  1. Comments via e-mail:
    From Joyce,
    “Lovely! Thank you!

    From Ken:
    “Greetings, Brother Boyd,

    “Our God is faithful to meet the needs of His creatures. Taking it to a personal level, I paraphrase…I am like sheep. I hear His voice, and He knows me.

    “Be blessed this day with a greater revelation of God’s will for your life, particularly in those situations that lay immediately before you.

    “His servant,
    “Brother Ken”

    From Brenda:
    “Thanks for sharing this beautiful site.
    Brenda and Rod”

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