Posted by: T. Boyd | January 14, 2011

My God! I Know, I Feel Thee Mine


1. My God! I know, I feel Thee mine,
And will not quit my claim,
Till all I have is lost in Thine
And all renewed I am.

2. I hold Thee with a trembling hand,
But will not let Thee go,
Until by faith I firmly stand
And all Thy goodness know.

3. My Jesus, Thine victorious love
Shed in my heart abroad;
Then shall my feet no longer rove,
Securely fixed in God.

4. O that in me the sacred fire
Might now begin to glow,
Burn up the dross of base desire,
And make the mountains flow!

5. O that it now from heaven might fall,
And all my sins consume!
Come, Holy Ghost, for Thee I call,
Oh burning Spirit come!

6. Refining Fire, go through my heart,
Illuminate my soul;
Come spread Thy life through every part,
And sanctify the whole.

By Charles Wesley, 1707-88


  1. A hymn for daily living.Try using the tune Glasgow please

    • Thanks, David. I will check that tune out. The Lord gave me a tune which I have shared before – I will try to add that to this posting. Boyd

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