Posted by: T. Boyd | June 15, 2011

Shall I extend the scepter (or use it as a club)?

The Lord Jesus continues to chip away at the old self.  This one showed His sense of humor.

I was in my favorite domain – my garage – yesterday.  My wife had a question for me.  She approached the garage door, stood there for a moment, and smiled at me when I looked up, probably with my serious face, since I was busy.  She asked her question.  I gave my answer.  And she walked back to the house.

And the Lord nudged me, “Do you think she feels like Esther?”  I wondered about that, and immediately found the need to repent of this still-another “blind spot” that I have failed to see.

I went into the house and asked her, “Do you sometimes feel like Esther?”

She turned and immediately replied, “Oh, yes!”

I said, “What do you mean by that?”

“Like Esther entering the throne room of the king and hoping he will extend the scepter instead of having my head chopped off,” she replied lovingly.

My heart melted and I asked for forgiveness through tears of laughter as we hugged and found comfort in one more chink in my armor being identified, and by faith, corrected.

Thank You, Father.


  1. Yes, sometimes in my quest for being correct I forget – Be ye kind………Ephesians 4;32

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