Posted by: T. Boyd | July 9, 2012

Rods, Cones, and Night Vision

Most of us have heard about how the retinas of our eyes are made up of rods and cones and how the rods are very sensitive even in dim light, but cannot distinguish color, while the cones are less sensitive to dim light but can distinguish color.  There are 2 good articles I found on this.  This one is by a college friend, Dr. Rod Nave, who wrote numerous physics articles before retiring from Ga. State University.  The other one is a wikipedia article.

I was surprised years ago, when I took this night time photo to see that the trees had green leaves that showed in the moonlight to the film but not to my eyes.  This was taken with an old 35 mm. camera using Kodachrome film. 

And recently, my friend Jim Tanner near Atlanta took some very nice shots after midnight which are just remarkable to me with their beautiful colors taken in moonlight. The second photo is his.  And his pdf file showing all the pictures taken that night can be seen here.  And he took another series shown in this file – notice the first two pictures are taken from the same location, one in the daylight and the other at midnight.

To me the wonders of our creation invented by our master of the universe are eternally praiseworthy.  Blessed be the Father and God of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Amen.

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