Posted by: T. Boyd | March 21, 2013

Ideas for Science Projects

I hope to expand the ideas below to give details – this is just an outline of the first few ideas I thought of.  

Physics Categpry ( several are advanced physics)

  • Atmospheric Static Electricity – see flames of fire
  • Measuring the speed of light using radio or tv – see Measuring the speed of light
  • Finding micrometeorites in rain water – see Collecting micrometeorites
  • Modeling the nuclear force using the Coffou theory for the 3-body problem – see Wiki article on the 3-body problem and A simple model of the Triton
  • Chaos and the 3 body problem – see Finding Rest at a Lagrangian Point
  • Building a rubber-band refrigerator –
    A high school student in my physics class built a box out of styrofoam and used a large thick rubber band to capture the cooling produced by collapsing the band from being stretched, then cooled off, and then released which produces a cooling effect
  • Studying the effect of electrical and magnetic fields upon seedlings – this is challenging in using electric light and isolating the light’s E&M field to not affect the results
  • Studying the light output of eclipsing binary stars Algol – first such star found    – an astronomy student did this using our small observatory at RMC with a photometer attached to the eyepiece to study the brightest such star, Algol
  • How much UVA and UVB get reflected by sunlit surfaces, or transmitted through clouds on cloudy days, or transmitted through sun protective clothing – an important question for fair-skin folks that get pre-skin-cancer from this type radiation.
  • Can we create periodic traveling heat waves in a metal bar with a pulsing heat source? Or maybe study the properties of a Heat Pipe .
  • Using stellar light to determine the composition of the stellar atmosphere – project the starlight through a spectrometer and study the absorption lines to pick out the elements.
  • Studying light interference with simple hand-held lasers and possibly making holograms with a darkroom setup. What is a hologram ?
  • Studying a magnetic torsional pendulum
    similar idea

Engineering Category

  • Studying strength vs. shape of arches – see egg shapes and arches
  • Consumer studies: comparing generic vs name-brand batteries – see Science Projects for…
  • Hearing aid batteries, air activated – life of batteries under hearing aid load compared to shelf life after activated by removing tag. Are these guidelines true?

Bio Physics Category

  • Detecting location of a sound by our ears listening through stereo mikes feeding stereo earphones – does mounting the mikes onto the head help with pinpointing the sound source?
  • How many seeds (say one kind of seed, like a black sunflower seed) does a bird have to eat to gain back the energy it took to fly to the feeder?

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