Future Articles – next topics to write about

I need help!  Here are some ideas for upcoming subjects.  Please write/post what you would like to discuss and think about.

  • What are you doing here, Elijah?
  • Magnetic dip angle  – metal frames
  • What’s up with Quantum Computers?
  • And what about Quantum Entanglement (action at a distance with no time delay)?
  • The moon and its splendor
  • Share about Brahms Requiem and its libretto – so moving to me.
  • Rods and cones and seeing color under moonlight.
  • Mössbauer effect in nuclear physics
  • Millikan oil drop experiment
  • Atomic structure and energy transitions
  • Radiological dating
  • experimental error determination
  • stellar distances
  • Colors (Mr. Land’s demos – the founder/inventer of Polaroid)
  • Solids, liquids – states of matter
  • Superconductivity, superfluids
  • Math: Goldbach Conjecture, Imaginary numbers, Infinity(countable, etc.)
  • Music – it’s scale, temperament, harmony
  • Bear constellations & new star
  • Circular motion
  • Details on meteors
  • Details on comets
  • Here’s a wild idea: write a story of what heaven will be like – seeing the glory, the wonder, the friendships, the great “library” where everything ever written worthwhile has been kept, where the history of man is fully recorded for playback (time travel?); A music library with every song ever written that glorifies the Lord and His creation;  He equips the saints also with an unlimited workshop for new creations; the beauty of a perfect, non-dying world; a river whose waters make glad the city of God – not just a small, trickle, but a vast source of water – not pouring into a dead end of an ocean, but into living pools of clean, clear water for boating, swimming, for enjoyment; a light that is better than sunlight, yet does no damage or cause discomfort;  and on and on….

In my journal, I wrote:

Sept 2, 2020

For several seasons I have been searching for a way to serve the Lord with my conversation limitations (of trying to hear and understand others).  I have “heard” a hint of an answer several times, but haven’t really followed up on the idea – and that is the idea of writing what is in my heart, of what the Lord has taught me in my 70 years or so of walking with Him, off and on. Maybe most of those times should be described as me wandering off the ancient path – as years eaten by the locust.

But even though I lost much to the waste of time, there have been meaningful milestones that the Lord gained in my journey, about which I could write and maybe would help others on the journey of transformation into looking like Jesus. 

I’m not sure how to begin, but most likely it will be mostly wood, hay, and stubble if it is not borne out of prayer.

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