Posted by: T. Boyd | February 16, 2009

“… things that have now been announced to you … from heaven, things into which angels long to look.” (1 Pet. 1:12 ESV)

The photograph, courtesy of NASA (Hubble telescope), trapeziumis a scene I saw last week as I re-visited the constellation Orion.  This is the middle “star” of the sword, which when looked at closely (in my telescope) is a tiny, brilliant jewel made up of 4 stars.  It is labeled as the Trapezium.  And it is surrounded by a ghostly cloud of stellar dust.  It is another breathtaking sight in the heavens.  Here is a sketch of Orion’s belt and sword.orion_drawing2

I am currently reading “The Case for a Creator” by Lee Strobel.  I am reminded through that writing that the earth is a very unique place to live.  It is one of the rare places with a life-sustaining atmosphere that is also transparent which allows us to study the wonders beyond our world, as related in this story.

My wife, puzzled by a clue in the crossword, inquired, “3 across – Discovered the structure of the atom – 4 letters starts with B”.  I answered, “Bohr”.

And then not losing an opportunity to spout some knowledge, I asked, “Did you know that Bohr got the idea of how the electrons are trapped in certain strict orbits around the nucleus from sunlight?”

She answered, “No. Tell me more…”  (I  might be exaggerating her enthusiasm).

I went on to explain that sunlight was the main source of discovering that atoms give off certain pure colors when excited by heat or electricity, and this led to the fields of atomic physics and modern chemistry in the early 1900’s.  And the particular combination of gases around each star gives each star a unique “signature” of colors, or as I like to think, a unique song in the symphonic chorus of the heavens declaring the glory of God.

Note: This article copyrighted 2009 by Caroline Progress, used by permission.



  1. Hello!
    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language 😉
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo

  2. Thanks “Lawman2” and “justsayin” for the nice comments. The traffic is finally gotten started – it was weeks when only I commented to myself. And that was boring! Have a great week. Boyd

  3. So, this is where my pretty wife tothewire has been visiting!

    Hey there t. boyd great post and i enjoyed it immensely!

  4. Good post! Got here from the link from the bloggers helpng bloggers!

  5. […] “… things that have now been announced to you … from heaven, things into which angels long to … […]

  6. Enjoyed this post T. Boyd! I am glad I stopped in! Being married to a self proclaimed caveman, who really has too many degrees under his belt for even me to keep up with, I can understand your wife’s response and your “(I might be exaggerating her enthusiasm).” lol

    • Congratulations, “tothewire”! You are the first legitimate responder! You win….. Well, if I had a million dollars….Thanks.

      i am trying to get my wife to write more. She’s the real writer, being a retired English teacher.


  7. And here is a comment from another friend named Joe H.:

    I’m enjoying these. Keep posting them.

    Joe H.

  8. I agree Joe. I want to join in that effort to cut down light pollution in our area. Thanks.

  9. This was an e-mail I received from Joe P.

    Mr. Moore,
    As someone who has always been interested in astronomy, I have enjoyed
    your articles on the subject. As the county continues to grow, I am more and
    more concerned with light pollution. The November (I think it was November)
    National Geographic Magazine had a great article on “Why we need darkness”, mentioning the International Dark Sky Association.

    To outsiders, it may seem
    like a radical organization of loonies bent on curbing all development. What
    they really are is a group devoted to “better lighting” by directing the light towards the ground….not allowing the light to shoot up to the heavens. All one has to do is look at the “glow” of lights around Carmel Church, Ladysmith, Thornburg, Massaponax, Central Park, and the list goes on…

    While light is needed for these developments, there are ways to make
    it “less horrible” on the night skies. I have approached my supervisor (Port
    Royal representative), about the possibility of looking at
    ways to make new developments more harmonious with better lighting. I think
    he thought I was asking for something that no one was interested in.

    It just seems that in this economic downturn that it would be the perfect time to pass some new legislation regarding lighting. It doesn’t mean that the lights necessarily cost more, the design is just different. Developers would
    have to provide (proffer) the “new lighting concepts” or not be allowed to

    In theory, it should not cost the county any more and in the end, may save at least some of our night skies….and our sanity! Even individual homeowners and businesses could be “educated and encouraged” to use the new techniques. What do you think?
    Joe P.

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