Posted by: T. Boyd | February 17, 2009

Comet Lulin and Saturn – 17 Feb 2009

Central Virginia, about 28 deg. F., clear skies, waning crescent Moon.

Comet Lulin

At 0900z (0430 EST) 17 Feb. 2009, found Comet Lulin near Spica in Virgo.  The moon, in its last quarter, is still interfering, but should be better in 2-3 days,  The chart in Sky and Telescope is accurate as far as I can tell.  I thought I was seeing the comet with naked eye, and thought it was higher than the chart shows, but I think I was seeing Theta Virginis instead.

I was able to find it with 10×50 binoculars – easily seen.  Brighter, of course, in the 8″ Dobsonian at 36x power.  I didn’t notice the tail and antitail – I doubt I will see those, but will try next time.


A little shocking seeing a straight line for the rings, but still beautiful.  Also could see two tiny moons in a line with the rings to the East of the planet.  Very nice.

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