Posted by: T. Boyd | February 16, 2017

Life is Unspeakably Sad – part 2

From Larry Crabb’s book Inside Out to which I keep returning whenever I hear or see something tragic that tugs at my heart.  I will let the book speak for itself.

The illusion that life in a fallen world is really not too bad must be shattered.  When even the best parts of life are exposed as pathetic counterfeits of how things should be, the reality drives us to a a level of distress that threatens to utterly undo us. But it’s when we’re on the brink of personal collapse that we’re best able to shift the direction of our soul from self-protection to trusting love [emphasis by the author].  The more deeply we enter into the reality that life without God is sheer desolation, the more fully we can turn toward Him.

There is no place for sugarcoating in the life of a serious Christian.  Life is unspeakably sad.  But we’re more than conquerors over every cause of sadness.  Repentance means to accept the truth that life without God is no life at all and to therefore pursue God with all the passion of someone who has been rescued from unimaginable horror.  When hints of sadness creep into our soul, we must not flee into happy or distracting thoughts.  Pondering the sadness until it becomes overwhelming can lead us to a deep change in the direction of our being from self-perservation to grateful worship.

The richest love grows in the soil of an unbearable disappointment with life.  When we realize life can’t give us what we want, we can better give up our foolish demand that it do so and get on with the noble task of loving as we should.  We will no longer need to demand protection from further disappointment.  The deepest change will occur in the life of a bold realist who clings to God with a passion only his realistic appraisal of life can generate….

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