Posted by: T. Boyd | June 28, 2019

EEF Variety Show – Friday, June 21, 2019

Since Youtube rejects an upload of something that has multiple issues with copyrights, I placed them on Google Drive. You can select them by clicking on the desired act:

1. Doug likes marshmellows

2. Kenya Foster Sings

3. Hannah Dick Mimes “Ceci n’est une pas balle” (“this is not a ball” By Compagnie Kahlua)

4. Noah “Animation”

5. Delaney & Hayden Sing

6. The Powell and Loftin Girls Dance Routine

7. Boyd on the Piano

8. Casey at the Bat – Leslie and kids

9. Kasha Coleman Dances

10. Collins_Domonique_Kiana Improvisations

11. Marian Williams Sings

12. Heaven Wade Sings

13. Carolyn Loftin Recites

14. Joy Ford Comedy Routine

15. Lanya Brown Spoken Word

16. Harmony Simon Sings

17. Jemima Christian Sings

18. Chris and Makari “Tequila”

19. Paul and Becca “The Granger Wrap Up”

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